Sunday, November 14, 2010

Breaking Down CNN → I choose this site because it is a more popular site that is well known. Also CNN would have a bigger budget for things such as a web page than smaller news organizations and I wanted to see how they would compare.

Graphic Design – There doesn’t appear to be a ton a graphic design outside of the header. There are a few advertisements but nothing that is a main focus.

Document Production – Immediately you notice on CNN that a lot of the content is through video or slide shows, those also act as the main focus point on the page bringing stories right to the readers face so they can’t miss it. Also instead of putting a teaser or first few sentences of a story they just use the headlines to grab reader’s attention.

Information Design – Instead of wordy stories CNN puts a lot of focus on videos and the use of graphics, they do have some stories that are just text but they accompanied by engaging graphics. The information is presented to readers in a more newscast type of way, and they do a great job using multi-media.

Scripting & Programming – Javascript is used a lot through out the code mainly focusing on text and images. As far as the server side it appears that articles are inserted using back end, it is obviously pulling it off of a server and I think it is using php because the url changes after the article is downloaded.

Interface Design – The site overall is very clean and organized, not only is there a very clear navigation bar at the top but also there are a block of sections near the bottom that has all the categories broken down with headlines to make it easy to see what is going on in each of the sections. CNN is linked to Facebook so readers can log in using that, they are also a part of the other various social media sites. On top of being able to leave comments readers can also participate in polls.

It is obvious that money does play a big part with CNN, their site overall is informational and professional.

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