Sunday, November 14, 2010

Breaking Down World News

I chose this site because it has direct forcus on world news and I had never heard of it before.

Graphic Design – The graphic design in not overkill it is simple but I think that it looks clean. Besides the title there is also a cool graphic of a world in the corner that adds a little something to the page.

Document Production – The sites main focal point is a slide show of news stories, it has a picture, a title and a paragraph of the story. The site is organized but also has a lot of stories and information; it is not nearly as jumbled and wordy as the NYTimes

Information Design – The stories are shown with the first paragraph but it has a read more tab so that you can navigate to another story. There doesn’t appear to be many videos as stories but they do have a lot of compelling graphics and slide shows.

Scripting & Programming – They are getting a lot of the stories from other sites so it doesn’t look like reporters submit articles as much as the site just pulls stories from a server and from other sites runs the site.

Interface Design – The site is incredibly organized and easy to navigate, along with navigation bar at the top there is also stories that are divided by region and by most popular and recent. It is also interesting because the site offers services like film reviews, hotels, and even a news letter. Also they deliver the information in 49 different languages, which really gives them a competitive edge.

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