Sunday, November 21, 2010

Breaking Down the Star Telegram

Arlington Star-Telegram

I chose this site because it is my hometown paper and a paper I have grown up with in my house. It was interesting to see how it was different from other local papers and national news sites.

Graphic Desgin – As far as graphics, there doesn’t appear to be very much graphic design besides the headline. The site is pretty simple graphically.

Document Production – The site is full of text content, there is not much multi-media on the surface you have to dig deeper for that. Even with in the stories there is very little graphics and the heart of the news is really in the text.

Information Design – Some of the information is presented through video but most of it is read by clicking on headlines. There is a variety of information design on this site though, some stories have the first paragraph for you and others it is just the headline, I see it to be quite unappealing to not have it consistent.

Scripting & Programming – Oddly enough, when looking at the scripting for this site it appears that they don’t use PHP and that it is all put into the original document of the html. I could be wrong but it doesn’t look like many of the other sites that I have seen.

Interface Design – The site is very cluttered and not organized, the concepts of the site are cool and very useful to consumers but it is not easy to find exactly what you are looking for on the site. The best part of the site is where users can choose the headlines based on their city. There is a navigation bar at the top which is very organized and useful, and a section at the bottom of the page for graphics, and videos. And as usual there is a place for readers to comment or vote in polls,.

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