Saturday, November 6, 2010

Breaking Down the New York TImes

Graphic Desgin
The graphic design on the NYTimes site is not so much about attacting attention with graphics but with the content. It is has little pictures but a ton of information and stories, it is almost too cluttered for my taste but since the NYTimes is meant to produce hard hitting information this design seems to work for them.

Document Production
The NYTimes does a great job using graphs to explain stories. Many of their stories have a graph or video that goes more in-depth into the story. While many news sites use their videos, and graphs to attract people to the story New York Times does not, their document production is buried with in the content, meaning that people have to be drawn in by the headline not the video.

Information Design
The information design for the NYTimes is not the most creative that I have seen, the home page is rather bland but when you do finally find a graphic that represents a story they are incredibly detailed and do a very good job literally showing the reader the information.

Scripting & Programming – The site uses JavaScript but from what I could tell not very much of it, it was mainly used for images.

scripting - not really sure what this is.

Interface Design – The New York Times interface design is not typical of a news site, the navigation categories are on the side of the screen and are not very prominent. There is also another nav bar at the top of the site but again it is very small. It seems as if for the most they want you to read what they think is important by making that take up the majority of the page and not making the navigation bars prominent. The site also offers readers to connect via facebook and twitter and with this they are able to leave comments and participate in polls.

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