Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dallas News Site

Dallas News

Why? I chose this site because I am from the Dallas area and thought that it would have a good site, overall I think that I was wrong. It was not visually appealing and the information was all over the place.

Graphic Design → The graphic design of this site leaves a lot of room for adds, the first thing you see is the big pop up add that shows up, it isn’t necessarily graphic design but it is still obnoxious. The coding makes it easy to see that this webpage was put together in very simple html and css.

Document Production → The content on the page is very amateur and not in a professional lay out. It is almost in blog format the way the articles are put in order. The content is also is a little hard to follow. Overall the content is not up to par with many bigger news sites and is not visually appealing.

Information Design → The stories are relatively bland there are not many photos or graphs. There are not many ways for readers to get the information besides just reading the plain text. The site does have very useful side bars of information such as a superbowl countdown, an activities calendar and a weather bar.

Scripting & Programmin → The coding shows that this site is very simple coding wise. They do use java script a lot mainly for text. It makes you join to see all the content but from the looks of it it seems that the content is not entered by the authors.

Interface Design → The multiple navigation bars make it easy to find the category you are looking for. It is easy to get around. The site is also pretty engaging readers are able to leave comments and search events going on in the Dallas area. They are also able to connect via the usually social networks such as facebook and twitter.

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